Vepara Virtual POS Is Always by Your Side to Facilitate Your Work!

You can start receiving payments easily and taking advantage of our fast integration services and suitable commission rates without having to deal with different banks one by one through Vepara Virtual POS. 

How Does Vepara Virtual POS Works?

Fill The Form

Fill The Form

The clients would add the products they want to buy to the basket and will fill out the Vepara payment form that will appear on the screen.


The payment will be made in a fast and reliable way through Vepara Virtual POS infrastructure by filling in your card details on the form that opens.


Within seconds, the payment that has been made will leave our clients' cards and will be added to your registered account on Vepara's system.

Fast Integration

You can receive payments easily without needing a one-by-one agreement with banks due to the fast integration service Provided by Vepara Virtual POS.

You can have a ready-made infrastructure on your website or even have personal software, you can complete the whole integration process easily thanks to the modules we have developed.

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Suitable Commission Rates

You can expand your business in a short span of time due to the low commission rates offered by Vepara Virtual POS. 

Next-day payment

You can benefit from our next-day payment with the fast and reliable solutions offered by Vepara.

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Free Virtual POS

You won’t face any dues or hidden fees with Vepara Virtual POS integration.

Fast and Reliable Sales

You can do your transactions in a fast and reliable way thanks to Vepara Virtual POS.

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