Live the ease of Vepara's Payment links!​

It’s now possible to manage your payments 24/7 via a link. With no need for websites, It’s easier than ever to receive payment links that you create however you wish.

link ile ödeme alma

How Does Payment Links Work?​

Create a Link

Create a Link

Create a link for receiving payments by logging into the system and adding the price and product information to your product.
Send to Your Customer

Send to Your Customer

Share the link that you created for your product with your customers who will buy it.
Receive Your Payment

Receive Your Payment

The incoming payment will be reviewed and approved by Vepara in no time.​

What are Payment Links?​

Payment links are a method allowing you to receive your payments from your clients in an easy way without the need for a website.

The duration, usage and amount are to be determined by you as You complete the transactions of payment links whenever and wherever you want. You can continue the secure economic activity with confidence.

Thus, even with an absence of a website, You can easily manage your finances and get your payments with links.

As you’re receiving payment via links, the link you’ll create for your product will contain data about the product you want to sell, the service features and the price information.

You can share the links that you create with your customer’s social media like WhatsApp or similar applications or even email.

For whom are Payment Links Suitable?

Payment links are appropriate for those selling products on social media platforms and those lacking a website that can be fast and easy for their users.

The created link can be shared through mail and phones thanks to our systems that allow the purchases to be made without any issues or access problems.

How to Receive Payment Links? ​

The payment links that you clarify over the panels will be sent automatically to the clients’ e-mails and phone numbers which you insert. After sending, the client purchase will be completed and the specified amount will be added to your account.

And so, You’d only focus on your business.

Thanks to our panels, The tracking and reporting will be completed in detail and so your financial transactions are always updated and you’d have the chance to maintain constant access to an up to date information.