Make Bulk Payments in One Click With Vepara

With the help of the bulk money transfer service, you may upload a single file to our servers and send hundreds of payments in bulk without paying any extras other than the amount stated.

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How Does Bulk Payment Works?

File Upload​

File Upload​

Add your file on the system that contains a list of the accounts to that you want to send money.
Start The Transaction​

Start The Transaction​

Start all your money transfer transactions to all accounts with a single click.
Complete The Payment

Complete The Payment

All that needs to be sent to the accounts in the file will be done instantly.

One-Click Payment

By uploading the file you created in Excel to the Vepara system, you can complete your transfers with a single click easily.

Enjoy Fast and Secure Payment

Çalıştığınız bankalara yazılı bir talimat vermenize gerek kalmadan hızlı ve güvenilir şekilde nakit akışınızı artırın.  

Eliminate Risks Via Our Expert Team

Our professional risk team evaluates each potential risk and consistently guards you against it.

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Save Time

Manage your payments from a single platform efficiently and spend less time on your company’s financial procedures.)