Utilize a Subscription Management Service To Speed Up Payments

You can receive payments from your customers regularly and easily manage the entire process through a single panel by integrating just once with Vepara’s subscription method service.

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How Does Subscription Management Work?



Establish regular intervals for a service, make a periodic payment plan, and inform your clients about it.
Monthly Payment

Monthly Payment

Payments will be collected regularly after your customer subscribes to this plan and provides their card details.
Obtain your Payment

Obtain your Payment

Payments made by your customers are reflected on your balance thanks to Vepara's secure card information storage system.

What Is Subscription Management And Periodic Payments?

Subscription Management is a Vepara service that allows you to receive payments periodically, whether that was daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly periods, in a fast and secure manner to support your plan. 

Thanks to the periodic payment, the intervals that you specify will allow recurring collections to be made from customers to be transferred to your account. 

And so, you won’t have to worry about collecting payments and you’d focus on growing your business.


Which Sector Is Suitable For Subscription Management?

Subscription Management is a service that is suitable for all sectors to ensure easy and fast periodic payments on a recurring basis ( every week/ month/ 3 months/ year… ).

Owing to this service, you can organize, in an easy and quick manner, all your subscribers, the pending collections made from these subscriptions and the collection amount and period all from the same screen.

How To Obtain Recurring Payments From Subscription Management?

Don’t worry! thanks to Vepara’s Subscription Management service, getting recurring payments is effortless.

After signing up to Vepara’s panel, and by going to the Subscription Management section, you can choose the service type specified for your subscription ( periodic, price information etc.. ) and create your subscription plan.

When your customers complete the subscription by filling in their card details, your payment will be collected and reflected on your account as per the chosen intervals that you set.


Benefit from a Single Integration

Through a single integration with Subscription Management, you can start receiving recurrent payments via Vepara’s secure card storage system.

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Receive Payments Periodically

With Vepara’s Subscription Management, you can receive quick and easy periodic payments from your customers on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Store Your Customers' Information Safely

Your customers can pay with one click using our Card Storage System, with Vepara’s assurance.

Save Your Time

Use Vepara’s panel, which offers a high-level user experience, to manage your payments from a single platform without wasting any time.